About us

About Us

Ashok Manwani, a Commerce student, a great artist in paper craft along with fresh water mussel handicraft, having knowledge in many different fields, has visited many foreign countries, mainly as Fresh Water Pearl Culture Consultant and who for the past 10 years has been working in the field ie., from the year 2001.

Never was or is afraid of what people might say or do to him and went on with his work of Pearl Culture and today he is a confident man and a very resourceful, knowledgeable and successful man in the field of  Pearl Culture so much so that, if enquired about him in any Organization or Institute working in the field of Pearl Culture, you are most definitely to get very good reviews about him. He can to a very large extent, to do any thing for Pearl culture and see to it that it spreads in India in a very large scale. He not only is covering the fields but also the colleges to build  the corner stones of Pearl culture from these students of zoology.

He has struggled a lot and now he is ready to face any challenge in his field of work and is still going on and on in his field, believing in his dreams.

Kulanjan Dubey, a Literature post graduate, leader of NCC in college, best shooter, having 2 year knowledge in Vedanta, a good designer in ladies and gents chain bags, Handicraft artist, a great lover of animals, nature, and a great challenger in life works with Ashok Manwani since 2002.

She goes on in Pearl Culture in the same manner ignoring all the cons, just likes to support the good ones. And believes who does the best gets the best.

Both of them have the same feeling of reaching the true happiness with their work and they believe, share and live with the same ideology.

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